Dell V305W Printer Card Transfer Monitor Program Not Working


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Dell V305W Printer Card Transfer Monitor Program Not Working

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Each time I start my PC i get the error message "Printer Card Transfer Program Not Working".


I've tried reinstalling my Dell V305W programs and drivers from the Dell website, even tried disabling my Windows Firewall and Anti-Virus programs whilst uninstalling and installing but still no luck.

This message appears during install also.

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate on a Dell Dimension 9200.


Any help much appreciated.



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  •  CarlBorthwick,


    Are you connecting the printer with a USB Cable, correct? If so, then restart your computer and press F2 to enter the BIOS. Look for boot sequence. Make the CD/DVD Rom first, then the HDD or Hard drive, then USB, then Network. Save and exit.


    It looks like the computer is trying to boot fromthe attached device(this being the printer). This also happens with iPods.


    To reinstall the printer...


    First try running Delete Print Jobs to remove any stuck print jobs in the queue.


    Disconnect the printer.


    Uninstall the printer.


    Restart your computer.


    You can then use the printer disk to reinstall the printer, or use the drivers from Dell's website. If you use the drivers from Dell's website, you'll still need to use the printer disk to install the OCR Program.



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