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Dell 3000cn will not print without replacing cyan toner?

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So I have a Dell 3000cn which I've been printing in black/white only once I received low-toner on the cyan.

Somehow now the cyan toner is completely dry and it will not let me print at all even if I have it set to black/white only.

Is there any way around this?



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  • Hello AnthonyLokrn,

    i have had the same problem today, as usual, but today i didn't have the replacement (usually i do have original toners ready for replacement :) ).

    I have found Your post today but it didn't have any answers so i managed to find it "all by myself".

    The knowledge about how much the toner is left in a cartridge comes from the chip-cheap electronics inside the toner so it gave me a clue for "what could happen if I somehow could deny printer access to this knowledge?" - i rememered that there was a setting for "non dell toner" - usually other vendor toners do not have the chip's. I tried to set this "non dell toner" setting and it worked like a charm - the greys are printing great but i didn't manage to test how a yellow page would be printed (for me the Yellow was completely depleted).


    Use the above only at Your own risk!


    Yours sincerely, hope i could help,

    Tymoteusz Ɓuszczewski A.G.