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Dell AIO 948 Duplex Issue with Microsoft Office 2010


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Dell AIO 948 Duplex Issue with Microsoft Office 2010

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 My wife has an HP G60-530 US running Windows 7 Ultimate and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus.  She has a Dell AIO 948 printer connected to the computer via a USB cable.  We have the latest drivers installed (and have reinstalled them) from Dell's web site however she is unable to get automatic duplex to work when printing from any Microsoft Office 2010 product even though we have duplexing set up the same way that we did when she was running Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise.  When we try to do duplex printing, it pops up a message box that reads:

Print Manual Duplex

This printjob specifies a paper size or media type that is not supported by the Print Duplexer.  The print job has been formatted to print using Manual Duplex.

The Print Duplexer supports Letter and A4 plain paper only.

Continue or Cancel Printing

The document was created and formatted for Letter size paper.  Are the current print drivers not compatible with duplex printing in Microsoft Office 2010?

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  • JDTrower,


    First try running Delete Print Jobs, this will remove any problem print jobs.


    Then disconnect the printer. Download and run the patch(printer cleanup utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer.


    Restart your computer. Make sure the printer is removed. Manual Printer Driver Removal


    Download the Vista drivers that match her operating system. Vista 32-bit for Windows 7 32-bit and Vista 64-bit for Windows 7 64-bit. Install the drivers in the Compatibility mode


    Links to the patch/drivcers can be found at...


    Dell 948 All-In-One (PRODUCT) RED™ Printer owners thread (W7)


    Please remember the first time to click file, print from Word and make sure the proper printer is selected.





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