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Dell V305 All in one printer - Firmware upgrade problem


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Dell V305 All in one printer - Firmware upgrade problem

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hi all,

this is my first ever dell product..

i tried to upgrade the firmware thats supplied in the dell website for this printer.

i connected it through usb. and its my laptop running windows 7 ultimate.

when i started the "AIO Firmware Update Utility"

i got this message.

"AIO Machine Firmware Version: V305_L062609_00

Firmware Update Version: V205_H111208_00

Do you want to continue with the update ?

i clicked yes.

then i got this message

after i cliked ok.. i see the printer turned off.

and i couldnt turn it back on.

now when i unplug the power and usb and replug it back and push power button.

i just see the green light flashes on the power button and there is nothing on the display?


does this mean.. i shouldnt have done that firmware update? or does it mean its some other problem.

the printer is just 1 day old and has spent printing two pages in its 1 day life time.


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  • I got the same issue. I got the printer yesterday and tried to update firmware and printer shut down and its not starting after the upgrade.  Did you get any response from DELL.




  • hi dodda,

    sorry man... this printer is one hell of a problem for firmware upgrade..

    well, i never waster any time.. i contacted dell thru email and also phone.

    and they agreed to replace the printer with a new one.

    dell said, usually they dont do these coz firmware update shouldnt be done by end users(customers) by themselves.

    but, still they have agreed to replace it. i am supposed to use the same power cable and inks i got in first printer(problematic one)

    but when i opened the replacement printer.. it looked as if it was used before.. it wasnt so fresh..

    but anyway.. its working.. now.


    my advice:

    dont waste any time anymore... just contact dell immediately and tell them the actual situation.

    if they say you shouldnt have done firmware update by yourself.. you can say it was listed for this printer

    in their won website and was relased public for all customers and so you did that.

    well i dont thnk dell would ask more qns. as they themselves know about this printer's firmware update problem.

    but if unfortunately in your country they do, then please negotiate well.

    good luck

  • Dell sucks,

    Dell v305.  Spent 49 minutes on the phone with them.    Dell puts up upgrades for the Drivers and the Firmware on their site with no warnings that the firmware may make your printer inoperable and unfixable and then they make all kind of excuses as to why it was your fault (why not put a warning on the upgrade site?  How long can that possibly take?)   Who knows how many printers were fried because of this (and Dell knows about it).  I will never buy another DELL product again.  You know the saying, do some thing right and the customer will tell 2 or 3 people, do something wrong and they will tell 50.  Guess what?   I am in the IT community and I have several friends who make buying decisions for IT products for their companies.  I will advise them of my situation and I am sure 95 percent of them will agree with me.  The support supervisor for printers hung up on me (said his name was Andy, haha, from India, ANDY?) when I told him all he was doing was giving me reasons as to why he could not help me instead of trying to help me (SUPPORT?  I think it should be called the EXCUSES GROUP).   What a way to train a team that deals with the public.  I have been to many sites looking at Dell complaints and there are a lot of complants dealing with support.  I wonder who evaluates them and how!  Well, it just cost me $129.00 for a printer I bought in January 2010 and I just bought two cartridges and opened them and placed them in the printer (another $60.00) plus the special trip just for the cartridges.   Dell, you got the last penny you will ever receive from this dis-satisfied customer.