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Photo 926 Paper Jam Error Not Clearing


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Photo 926 Paper Jam Error Not Clearing

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I have a Dell Photo 926 printer which is reporting it has a paper jam however there is no visible paper jam. I have removed all paper, turned the device off, lifted the scanning component to see of any paper james and there appear to be none.

The message advises to hit the check mark button once you have cleared the printer jam, however when doing this the message continue to scroll across the display and does not clear, preventing me from printing anything.

Another thing that I noticed is that the piece that holds the ink cartridges does not move out to the middle when I open the top up. However, if I slide it out manually, as soon as I close the top the ink cartridge piece moves back into the same place on the left side, im guessing in the 'ready' stage. So I dont think that this is an issue with the cartridge tray not moving.

Is there any way to clear the printer jam message (Maybe there is a hidden feature to clear error messages, like hold a button down for 5 seconds, turning the unit off and then blowing my nose???). Any other thoughts about this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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  • forced14,


    Unplug the printer from the wall. Now remove the power brick from the printer for 60 seconds. This resets any error messages the printer is getting. While it's disconnected, turn the printer upside down and shake it for 30 seconds. This sometime helps.


    If that doesn't work, you might want to look at the encoder strip.





    Clean the Encoder Strip

    Additional Information
      As you perform the following steps, be careful when handling the encoder strip as it can break easily.  

    It is possible that dust can gather on the encoder strip which will make it very difficult for the printer to determine where the carriage is on its track. To clean the encoder strip, perform the following steps:

    1. Power down the printer and unplug the power.
    2. Lift the cover on the printer.
    3. Using a dry, lint free cloth, pinch the encoder strip on the right-hand side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers across it toward the right-hand side of the printer (Figure 1).

      Figure 1: The Encoder Strip to the right of the cartridge carrier

        The encoder strip is a narrow band of clear plastic and can be difficult to see without direct lighting.  
    4. Plug in the printer and power it on.
    5. Open the cover to allow the cartridge carriage to center itself.
    6. Using a dry, lint free cloth, pinch the encoder strip on the left-hand side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers across it towards the left-hand side of the printer. (Figure 2).

      Figure 2: The encoder strip to the left of the cartridge carrier


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  • I tried the steps here and they didn't work for me. However, I took a microfiber cloth and wiped out the bottom, there was ink making the feeders slip I think and now it works. So that may help you as well.