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Printing problems - black line on copies!!


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Printing problems - black line on copies!!

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Model# 1600n

When I use the ADF, my copies come out with a black line down the centre of them. It takes me ages to make multiple sets of copies using the glass feature. I need to have the option of using the ADF for multiple copies  :-(

I should add that I have thoroughly cleaned the glass, the magnifier (long narrow piece of glass) or whatever it is called, the rollers, and the small window under the rollers. I have cleaned all these surfaces several times since this started yesterday - to no avail  :-(

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  • Open the lid of the scanner.

    You will see the large flat-bed glass and to the left, a long narrow piece of glass. When you use the ADF, the scan head positions itself under the narrow glass and the paper is moved ACROSS the glass...... usually in direct contact with the glass. Over time, crud will rub off onto the surface of the glass.

    Use a NON-Abrasive, soft, lint free cloth (an old clean tee shirt is good for this) and some alcohol and thoroughly clean the small narrow glass piece.

    btw...... I note you said you already cleaned the small glass (it's not a magnifier.... it's the ADF aperture port glass). Make sure you really clean this glass good, and use alcohol. Reflect a flashlight off the surface to help you find the "crud" clumps.



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  • Hi

    Hope you can help, it is a simular problem. It doesn't happen when printing work from computer, just on scan and copy.

    Picture attached,

    Many thanks


  • Sorry forgot to add Printer is an AIO 922


  • Thank you!!!!!!  This worked for me.  I thought I had cleaned the ADF scanner but nothing worked until I tried the alcohol.  No more black lines.

    Much Appreciation