V305w stops printing in the middle of a job


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V305w stops printing in the middle of a job

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Dell Inspiron 530; Vista Home Premium with all updates; connected via USB. Printer will stop in the middle of a job. Print monitor says job is printing & printer says it's printing.  Unable to cancel or stop/restart job. Also freezes parts of  Vista; can't load Task Manager, for example. Have to power down and restart to get everything working again. Tech support took over machine for >20 minutes...deleted spools, checked settings. Concluded problem was related to size of file!

Printer works fine if I print wirelessly from Dell Latitude D620 with XP2. Haven't tried wireless from Insp. 530.

Any ideas? I've looked through the threads and this seems to be unique.

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  • TaxiKAB,


    Try following the instructions below and I feel you can get everything working.


    First, let's make sure your computer has the latest Windows Updates, especially .net framework, needed to run many applications and the latest Java.

    Disconnect your printer.


    Un-install your printer.


    Restart your computer.


    Download the proper drivers.


    XP Drivers

    Vista 32-bit Drivers


    64-bit Drivers

    All other drivers


    Update the firmware in your wireless router. Manufacturer's website, make & Model needed.

    Broadcast SSID(You may want to change this to make it easier to connect) Use WPA-PSK(TKIP) Security(WPA Personal).

    Most wireless devices work best with this type of security.

    Mixed b and g mode(n if available) Use channels 1, 6 or 11. (I use channel 11) 

    Most devices work better on these channels. Save and exit. Power everything off for 30 seconds. Power everything back on, wait 30 seconds, now try to connect.



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    Choose your printer. Beneath your printer, select your operating system. You'll be redirected to another page. Then click on show all steps. It will walk you through the installation process.




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