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Dell 1710n does not realize the imaging drum is new.

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The display shows the flashing:Replace Drum and the Error light.  I installed the new drum and toner, held the X for a reset, got the flashing reset. 

The printer will print one job then go back to the flashing:Replace Drum and the Error light. 


I switched out the drum and toner from a working 1710n.  Reset the counter and printed,  It printed one print job then the flashing:Replace Drum and the Error light came on.

If I press and release the continue, I get the multi-lingual printout telling me the printer has stopped because the photoconductor kit has reached the end of its useful life.

The 1710n that has the new drum and toner has been printing just fine.

Any Idea's or suggestions?

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  • Dell 1700



    1) Leave the power on, insert toner cartridge, and leave door open

    2) Press the cancel button and hold till the leds flash

    3) Release cancel button and close toner cartridge door


    I used these instructions for the 1710 and they worked.

  • Would this procedure work if you did it on an old drum as well? To conserve its use greater. Dave C