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scanner will not work Dell v305


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scanner will not work Dell v305

  • I have a newly purchased dell system.  With it I have the Dell v305 all in one printer.  I cannot scan. I go to the photo gallery and click on file and import from scanner, select my options and click preview.  After several minutes I receive a message that says an error occurred while setting scanner properties. If another program is scanning, wait til it is finsihed and try again.  If I click on scan, I get a message stating....A problem prevented the document from being scanned. Please try again, or for troubleshooting information see Help and Support, or the information that came with the scanner.  I cannot find the problem or the resolution. I did not receive a disc or anything for the printer when I received my system.  We just plugged it in and it ran thru the setup process.  The printer works fine.  If I press Scan on the scanner it says it is downloading application list but then I receive error as well.  Any suggestions?

  • jojo78,


    Try re-installing the printer following the instructions below and the scanning function usually returns.


    Disconnect your printer.


    Un-install your printer.


    Restart your computer.


    Download the proper drivers.


    XP Drivers

    Vista 32-bit Drivers

    All other drivers


    Update the firmware in your wireless router. Manufacturer's website, make & Model needed. Broadcast SSID(You may want to change this to make it easier to connect) Use WPA-PSK(TKIP) Security(WPA Persoanl). Most wireless devices work best with this type of security. Mixed b and g mode(n if available) Use channels 1, 6 or 11. Most devices work better on these channels. Save and exit. Power everything off for 30 seconds. Power everything back on, wait 30 seconds, now try to connect.



    How Do I Connect a Dell™ Wireless Printer to a Wireless Network Link no longer a valid link

    Choose your printer. Beneath your printer, select your operating system. You'll be redirected to another page. Then click on show all steps. It will walk you through the installation process.



    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • This is how you do it:

    1. Download and install the new drivers from dell  32 bit and 64 bit versions and when you instal make sure you include "IMAGING TOOLBOX" for dell. If you do this right then you are finished. If not you go t step two.

    2. Yes printing works fine after test page is printed, but how about scanning to network computer. No computer listed you say?  I found out if you dont have this toolbox you cannot scan anything.Then reinstall by clicking the setup file and choose "install additional software" and inlcude the cartridge supply software in the middle, because this makes it possible to scan. 


    After done all this then just open imaging toolbox and follow instructions for scanning.


    ENJOY!! (finally after many years of struggling)