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Dell 924 Photo All-in-One Printer

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Absolutely loved this printer. That is until one of those plastic bands that control the movement of the print cartridges came off (loose).  I need some advice as to how to re-attach it and what to re-attach it to.  My warranty has expired, so Dell itself is no help and it seems like it would be a simple fix if I knew what the insides looked like and where things went. Any help out there?

There are two clear plastic strips that run behind (and possibly through) located behind the print cartridges.  One of these has come loose. The other is still intact.  However, since I can't directly see the inside (how hard will this be to take apart?) I don't know where to re-attach this strip.

In the meantime, there is no movement. The one time I thought I had it connected, I started to print and with a very loud, scary, bang, it of course stopped.  I do not want to do any more damage to it.

Please help!

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    Here are instructions on how to clean the encoder strip and how to detach and attach. Hope this helps.




    Clean the Encoder Strip

    Additional Information
      As you perform the following steps, be careful when handling the encoder strip as it can break easily.  

    It is possible that dust can gather on the encoder strip which will make it very difficult for the printer to determine where the carriage is on its track. To clean the encoder strip, perform the following steps:

    1. Power down the printer and unplug the power.

    2. Lift the cover on the printer.

    3. Using a dry, lint free cloth, pinch the encoder strip on the right-hand side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers across it toward the right-hand side of the printer (Figure 1).

      Figure 1: The Encoder Strip to the right of the cartridge carrier

        The encoder strip is a narrow band of clear plastic and can be difficult to see without direct lighting.  

    4. Plug in the printer and power it on.

    5. Open the cover to allow the cartridge carriage to center itself.

    6. Using a dry, lint free cloth, pinch the encoder strip on the left-hand side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers across it towards the left-hand side of the printer. (Figure 2).

      Figure 2: The encoder strip to the left of the cartridge carrier


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