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Dell V305 Printer - Not Printing HELP


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Dell V305 Printer - Not Printing HELP

  • Hi,

    I just purchased a dell v305 aio printer and followed the driver installation procedures.  It did NOT work.  Basically when printing, the printer froze at the spooler stage.  I try to uninstall/reinstall several times using the provided CD and also downloading the driver from dell website.  It is still NOT working.  I can see V305 under the Device Manager (Image Device).


    SOLUTION ANYONE ?? ............PLEASE HELP !


    Thanks in advance,


  • I'm not sure if you're connecting the printer with a USB cable, wireless print server or using the wireless card in the printer(V305w)




    XP Drivers


    Vista 32-bit Drivers


    All other drivers


    Wireless instructions


    Update the firmware in the wireless router

    Broadcast SSID(Change this it will make it easier to connect)

    Use WPA-PSK(TKIP) Security. Most wireless devices work best with this type of security.


    Mixed b and g mode.

    Use channels 1, 6 or 11. Most wireless devices work better on these channels.


    Do NOT use Mac addresses. It conflicts with the WPA Security.


    Save and exit.


    Power everything off. Wait 30 seconds. Turn everything back on. Try and connect.


    Now for the printer. Un-install the printer from your computer. Restart your computer.


    Please follow the instructions located from here.


    How Do I Connect a Dell™ Wireless Printer to a Wireless Network


    Go down. Click on your printer. Select XP or Vista, under your printer selection. You will be taken to a new page. Then scrool down and click on show all steps and follow the instructions. It will give you step by step instructions on what to do and what happens if you do not see the printer.


    Wired instructions


    Disconnect the printer. Un-install the printer.


    Restart your computer.


    Install the proper drivers. You'll be prompted when to connect the printer(powered on)


    I also had someone else have trouble with the wireless part and they suggested this fix. Here is the instructions the he provided...


    Apparently the problem with all this is the Dell software to configure the printer's wireless settings, it does not modify them correctly, so it has to be done manually. 

    Here's how:  Set your wireless network to unsecured just temporarily.  Reset the printer's network configuration using the printer control panel.  Then connect the USB cable and use the Dell utility to configure the printer to connect to your unsecured network.  When all done and printer connected via wireless and USB cable removed, the printer will print a network configuration page.  If not, go through the control panel and there is an option to print the page.  That page will contain the IP address assigned to the printer by your wireless router (you  may be able to get this via your router's interface instead). Now type that IP address into a web browser to access the printer's web interface.  Navigate to Configuration->Wireless, and setup the security there (security mode and key).  Hit Submit, and then go back and configure your router and computer to the same wireless security and key as you had before, same as what you set on the printer.  The printer should now connect.


    At first, after all that, it didn't work, so the tech was going to send me a new one.  I later went back and figured out the tech hadn't hit the submit button on the printer configuration page, so it DOES work if you do it correctly.




    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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