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AIO 926 printer paper feeding problem


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AIO 926 printer paper feeding problem

  • I have a Photo AIO 926 printer and use Windows Vista on a Dimension E520.  I have them just over a year and now the printer will not feed the paper in properly.  It makes a whirling noise as it tries to feed the paper but the paper ends up jamming.  The guides have been adjusted properly and I've tried other suggestions on the Dell website without success.  Can anyone else help?
  • UGH!! I'm having the same problem. It seem's to start feeding but gets caught and doesn't finish.. then it tells me to load paper when I already have paper in the tray. I can't seem to get help anywhere. This is simply ridiculous!  they say to clean the rollers with a dry towel, but I can barely reach the rollers so i'm not sure how to get that done. some people also say use 18lb paper, so thats my next move.. good luck!

  • Maybe this will help others who wind up having this problem.  Forgive my long-winded story but I'm so excitedBig Smile about my victory, and maybe some info in the story will help. 

    First, in my case, my photo-paper got stuck.  An internet search revealed to turn off the computer and turn the printer upside down and shake it.  I thought the info was crazy as I was sure I didn't have anything in the printer--but--wait--the cap to an inkpen fell out--who knew!  Also, I kept shaking, and two tiny 1/2" roller-looking parts fell out.  Oh dear--figured that was definitely the end.

    I still couldn't get the paper out.  Then I read somewhere--maybe it was in Dell community, to poke some paper in the slot where the paper is trying to come out.  Finally I was able to pull out the photo paper but even regular paper wouldn't feed, it just whirred.  I figured I'd just have to buy a new printer, so had nothing to lose by taking three screws out of the back, taking the paper feed off, taking the lid off, poking my nutcracker accessory (you know, the thing that you pick out shell with) in the hole that has a picture of a lock on it, and just touched everything I could put my hands on.  That's it--just touched--yes, it was unplugged--trying to find something that didn't feel right.  I found something that felt like a loose circular rubber thing (I couldn't see it) and it "gave" to a push on it, as if it was settling back to where it should be.  I hooked the printer back up, and it's good to go!  Photos and regular printing and copying.  I loved my 926--had it over a year.  Now I really love it!   

  • DinaEliana,


    Did you mean the encoder strip? Some people have tried this...


    Print roller and Jam problems





    Clean the Encoder Strip

    Additional Information
      As you perform the following steps, be careful when handling the encoder strip as it can break easily.  

    It is possible that dust can gather on the encoder strip which will make it very difficult for the printer to determine where the carriage is on its track. To clean the encoder strip, perform the following steps:

    1. Power down the printer and unplug the power.
    2. Lift the cover on the printer.
    3. Using a dry, lint free cloth, pinch the encoder strip on the right-hand side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers across it toward the right-hand side of the printer (Figure 1).

      Figure 1: The Encoder Strip to the right of the cartridge carrier

        The encoder strip is a narrow band of clear plastic and can be difficult to see without direct lighting.  
    4. Plug in the printer and power it on.
    5. Open the cover to allow the cartridge carriage to center itself.
    6. Using a dry, lint free cloth, pinch the encoder strip on the left-hand side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers across it towards the left-hand side of the printer. (Figure 2).

      Figure 2: The encoder strip to the left of the cartridge carrier


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  • Hi!  YOU are the one I got the tip for about shaking the computer that something was probably in it, (which I didn't think so.)  Maybe you're the one who also suggested the reverse feed idea, to try to get the stuck paper to move out.  Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH as never in a million years would I have thought my pen cap would have gone in the printer.  I remember now it flew out of my hands one time, and I looked for it on the floor, and never found it.  That must have been 3 months ago!

    No, what I felt, a round soft rubber thingy, I couldn't see.  I just know it moved to my touch as if it were settling more firmly back to where it should be.  And that worked.  As for the two tiny plastic roller thingys, so far the printer is working fine without them.  I guess they were just two of many of them, so hopefully this printer will last me another year, which would be a good thing.

    Thanks again for your help! 

  • I had the same problem.  I took a suggestion to lubricate the two grey rollers with WD-40 and the printer feeds perfectly now. Amazing.