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Power Outage Killed Dell Printer 922?


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Power Outage Killed Dell Printer 922?

  • Hi,

    Yesterday, the power went out.  And when I came home the power was back on, but now my printer will not turn on.  I tried plugging it into other outlets.  I changed the cable to the computer. any ideas?


  • Try removing the power supply (AC Brick) from the back of the printer and reinsert. See if it'll power up then.




  • I tried that also, a few times and still it will not power up.
  • Sorry to say, but I believe your printer took some sort of power surge when the power was restored. :(



  • If it's just the power adapter, you could try the refurbished power adapter from here. If it was me, I'd either consider purchasing the power cord or depending on the age of your printer, I'd consider purchasing a new one. I have a 964 attached to a 3300 wireless print adapter. On my next printer I would consider duplex printing.


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