Dell 5100Cn Error Code 007-342


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Dell 5100Cn Error Code 007-342

  • I get this error code after printing a few pages. I checked Dell website and found something about IOT diagnosis, but it's just diagnosis, I need to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  • Hello,
    The error code indicates the possiblity of a main drive or developer drive failure. Have you run diagnoistics on the main drive and developer drives yet?


  • I found the problem. It's the motor that moves the developer drive assembly. That's what was faulty. Sorry for my bad english.
  • Your  English is fine. I hope I was able to point you in the right direction, and thanks for posting.


  • How do you replace this part? The Developer Assembly? I recieved the part from dell with no instructions. I'm a compentent tech but there is no service manual that I can find for this. Please Help!!
  • ptech,
    The online service manual should show the step by step for replacement of most parts. Let me know if you need any more detail, and I will try to dig up some photos for you if needed.


  • That's deffinitely more info that I have been able to find. However it doesn't cover the part I recieved. The packing slip says
    And the device is mostly unfinished grey metal with a motor and pcb on one side. The motor has the brand name Nidec. On the other side is a collection of white gears and a bunch of grease.
  • I changed the motor of the Driver Assembly and the printer seems to be working fine now. Well it looked to me that it was pretty easy to change the part.
  • Did they send you one as part of a warranty? Did they give you instructions? Have any pictures?