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Please Help. A940 won't print color.


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Please Help. A940 won't print color.

  • My Dell A940 won't print in color. Everything black comes out fine, but anything that is color prints as nothing. There's just nothing there. The cartridge worked when i first got it about 3 mo. ago and it is still 3/4+ full. I've taken the ink cartridge out and cleaned it multiple times and the ink shows on the paper towel but no luck in printing. It is not a refilled cartridge and the printer does not give me an error, it just doesn't print anything color.

    Is there something else I need to clean?
    Am i stuck with printing just black??

    Please help. :smileysad:

  • I also have an A940 and the same thing has happened... do you have a solution yet?
    the printer was out of color ink for a period of about 3 weeks. When we placed a new cartridge in the printer it will not print in color.... it sounds like it is printing but the page comes out blank.

    I ensured that the cover tab was removed from the color cartridge.. didnt work again... tried a second new color cartridge and it still has not worked.
  • On another forum i was told to...
    Do check the option and make sure that you have not inadvertently set it to black only- This could be computer wise or on the A940 panel.
    If you are sure all is well here
    Remove the scanner software and reinstall.
    Email Dell to See what they have to say
    This didn't work either. ~sigh~
  • Here is what Dell support told me to do...
    "I would request you to please try any Good Known Color Ink Cartridge in your
    If the other cartridge works fine than the Ink Cartridge needs to be replaced."
    Ya think... :smileytongue: What a genius!
    I guess i'm going to break down and get a new cartridge.  
    I hate the thought of paying $35 for another cartridge. ~sigh~
  • I did buy a new cartridge and guess what that didnt work either  and it was 45 plus tax from me... and i bought right from dell
  • Did you ever get your printer to print in color?  I have the same one & mine is only printing in black, blue & yellow.  I have a new color cartridge in it.  Did the test page & the page to unblock ink.  I refuse to pay $45 for another new cartridge until I get this fixed.  Let me know how you did.  Thanks!!!