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1600n, ScanCenter/PaperPort Inquiry


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1600n, ScanCenter/PaperPort Inquiry

  • I upgraded computers and had to re-install software in order to use my 1600n printer. I couldn't locate my software, so I downloaded printer software from the Dell website (my printer is over one year old). I am unable to use the scanner now to edit documents because I don't have the ScanCenter or PaperPort software. Where do I find this download? Can someone send me a link or something.
  • it's not available for download.  it also won't work as far as I know if the printer is connected via network
  • Some good news:

    The Network Scan software was included in a Dell Update. You need to find Dell Update No. R95524 and extract it. Look in the folder named 1600n - there you will find all of the software that came on the CD which allows you to use the network scan functions.

    The bad news:

    PaperPort Version 9 is not included...

    If you can not find the update mentioned above, call Dell and see if you can get them to send it to you. The other thing you can try is Dell Update R113887 (57+ Meg). I think this is the exact replica of the install CD that shipped with the printer.

    Let me know if you can find these things. If not, use the forum to send me a message and I'll see if I can help you.
  • Thanks for the information. I did download the R113887 update, but PaperPort was not included. I appreciate your time in helping.
  • I have the same issue - I lost my install disk and have need the paperport 9.0 software.  Were you able to locate a way to replace yours?
  • No, I have not been able to find the replacement cd yet for the PaperPort software.