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Dell 3100cn Error Code 093-426


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Dell 3100cn Error Code 093-426

  • I updated my firmware and now I am presented with the following on the printer display:
    Ready To Print
    The printer seems to function/prints just fine. What is this code? My Black Toner is low. Does this have anything to do with this code?
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    Error code 093-426 indicates the black cartridge is almost empty and needs to be replaced soon. 093 refers to "X" cartridge is empty. Below are the last three digit codes denoting which cartridge.
    093-423 = (Y)ellow
    093-424 = (M)agenta
    093-425 = (C)yan
    093-426 = Blac(K)
  • Thanks for the information. I assume that this is a "feature" of the lastest firmware. Seems a bit redundant since the display also indicates something to the effect that "Black Toner is low" and "replace soon"
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    Your welcome. The error codes you read on the LCD of the printer are a bit redundant but for a reason. If a customer calls in and has not written down the exact numbered error message they may at least remember the "Black Toner is Low" error. This helps if the customer calls tech support but cannot remember the number. This way the techs AND the customers know what is going on at any given time.
  • I got the same code now also.


  • makes sense.  I have two getting low.