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Printer always says Paper Jam, but there is No Paper Jam...

  • I've had this printer since earlier this year, and I never had any trouble with all of the sudden it always says Paper Jam, there is no paper stuck in the printer, i tried restarting it, taking the plugs out, turning it on/off again, shaking it, anything possible.....I don't know what else to do with this thing.....Please Help! :smileysad:
  • My neighbor had the same problem with his printer.  I loaded paper into the printer, it would feed a sheet through (so the paper is not jammed), but would then come up with a paper jam error.  I followed several peoples suggestions on what to try, but nothing worked.  Since his warranty on the printer had already expired, he let me take it apart to see if I could find out what was wrong.  This is what I found.  Down inside the paper chute there is a little arm or latch.  When you put paper into the printer, the paper pushes down on this arm.  This activates a sensor that tells there is paper in the printer.  The arm is very thin and made of cheap plastic.  If you try to use too thick of paper, or someone forces paper down into the printer, they can bend the plastic arm off to the side.  If it catches on the side and sticks, the printer will think there is paper inside of it all the time.  It will then get a paper jam error, even though it is able to run a piece through during the initial turn on.  If you look down in the paper chute and the arm is stuck off to the side, try to get some tweezers or thin pliers and gently tweak the arm back into the middle of the opening.  Good luck....
  • your problem is similar to mine only my printer is in a consistent paper feed mode, but doesn't grab the paper.  I also have unplugged everything, turned it upside down and blew into it and still receive the paper jam error.
  • THX for an answer. Tech told me to to get a new printer, naturally this problem didn't come up before my warranty expired.
    My problem on the AIO 960... I can't find this little piece of plastic. Which side of the paper chute is it on?
    Twezers ready...