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turn on ram disk 3100cn


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turn on ram disk 3100cn

  • i looked through manual but carnt find any mention of how to turn on ram disk
    im presuming its for addon memory 
    ive stuck in 128megs  its showing up in installable options on printer settings
    im hoping that may cure annoying habit it had of just sitting there saying processing usb
    when ive tried printing large photoshop image 
  • Hi,

    This message is displayed when you try to access to "print menu", it is to set the secure print you don't need to use it unless you want to set secure print (you need additional memory and/or hard drive if you want to use it)


  • thanks for that i thought i was missing out on some facility on the printer
    dont think ill bother with secure print ,it can be slow as it is waiting to print
    muchas gracious