Can someone help me?  I am having difficulty picking the correct
paper size & type. 
1. What type of paper is meant by coated and what is the difference
    between 1 & 2. 
2. Same question for glossy.
3. What type of paper should I use when printing photos & how should I
    set up the printing properties for the best quality?
4.  I am having a hard time getting card stock paper to print - the printer acts as if
    there isn't any paper installed (from MPF).  Also, when I am trying to print 2 sided (manually
    flipped) the quality is poor; almost like one side bleeds to the other side (from MPF).
Another  this information written somewhere?  My
Owner's Manual is very basic & the tech help lines say that they only help with
"technical" problems.  Where else can I go for additional help?