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3100cn "please turn on RAM disk"


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3100cn "please turn on RAM disk"

  • I've baught a 3100cn and installed it at our network. Got a 256MB RAM upgrade. Installed, and everything works just fine - exept for one thing:

    When I enter the printer menu - and try to go to "Print menu", I get the message "Please turn on RAM disk".

    I've tried all settings (as far as I can see) on the printer. I've logged on the printer from my PC to see if there was any settings turning on this "RAM Disk" - but can't find anything.

    Anybody out there know anything about this ?

    Thank You in advance for your help.
  • This is a message that you get when pressing the Right Arrow key if you do not have additional ram and the ramdisk turned on.  This is confusing as the Display says "Print Menu ->" This is an area where if you were to have additional RAM and Ramdisk turned on you could get to the Print jobs stored in memory and release them (confidential Print) etc.  This should be labled "JOB MENU->"

    So,,, Instead Press the Down arrow and go through the standard Menu's and then choose the options you want, most people are trying to print a status page, this is found under Configure / Reports / Printer Settings, and will print the printer settings page.




  • And to turn on the Ramdisk, follow this procedure:  256 MB Ram is sufficient, and the RAMDISK will be requied for "Secure/Confidential" print. ie: user will need to key a password on the control panel to retrieve a document from memory if sent properly. This is fully documented in the User Guide and Owner's manual both of which can be found on Dell Support web site under System Documentation.



    Basic Settings

    RAM Disk.

  • Thank You for Your replies. In fact - I did not find anything about the RAM Disk in the documentation that was enclosed the printer. Nevertheless - In the configuration, and basic settings - I don't have the RAM-Disk opportunity. Does this mean 256 MB isn't sufficient memory ?

    Best regards
  • You are correct, it requires 320MB Ram to be turned on,, sorry I misspoke above.


  • When you print out a printer settings page - what is the Memory capacity on the page?

    It should read 320 with a 256 stick in the printer, if not the memory stick may not be installed properly

    Also you should be able to go into your driver properties, under options and get information or change the setting to how much memory you have.

    Hope this helps.