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Dell 1610HD GUI Admin pswd


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Dell 1610HD GUI Admin pswd

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I set the admin password after initial setup from my laptop. After installing the unit and reconnectingit to the router for a permanent installation, my admin password at the GUI will not work. I am not able to reset it either. Tech support has drawn a blank. Has anyone come across this before? Factory reset was unsuccessful.


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  • Did you ever find a solution to this as I'm having the exact same issue?

  • Yes....Dell replaced it.....RMA

  • I've just encountered this issue, unfortunately before I saw this note. As per the instructions I set the password up and hit submit before enabling

    It then hit enable password and the submit button for that. When i went to the web gui it now insists the password is wrong. Has a way been found to fix or reset this? I really do not want to unmount the projector and send it in for what seems to amount to a Dell design issue.