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Dell 1610HD projector missing pixels


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Dell 1610HD projector missing pixels

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We have Dell 1610HD that is exhibiting what I call missing pixels, there are many white squares all over the display screen (like hundreds).  I fear this has to do with the DLP chip, however, wanted to know if anyone else has seen this problem. Thanks!

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  • I have the same issue.  A week ago, it was four.  We're now up close to fifty.  Any ideas?  I don't know projectors very well myself...

  • I sent a note to Dell support and was told the DLP chip is bad.  We had an extended warranty so they replaced our projector with a new one.

  • I have the same issue.  What if you don't have an extended warranty?  Are you just SOL or can the chip be replaced?

  • I've been looking at things for the past few weeks and I can find nothing.  Currently, I'm switching to a new projector and looking for some local guy who can possibly fix this one.  If you find some way to replace the chip ourselves, please let me know.  We're now up to over 100 pixel out on that projector.

    P.S.  I have 4 of these now.  I'm getting extended warranties on the others where possible.  Otherwise, they seem to be throw-aways.

  • Hi rsip,

    The dots visible on projected image may be due to various reasons:
    - Corrupt menu settings of projector
    - Issue with projector bulb
    - Configuration and settings of Input source (Computer, etc.)
    - Dust accumulation on lens panel

    Follow these steps to restore settings to factory defaults (Dell 1610HD Projector). Refer to the image below:

    You may find the steps useful:
    - Go to 'OSD' (On screen display) option
    - Go to 'Others'
    - Check the projection results
    - If issue still persists, try the next step

    Check the performance of projector screen on start up. Does the Dell logo at start up look fine?
    - If that step fails, we need to check and reseat the bulb
    - If the Dell logo appears fine, try a known-good computer or video source to the projector, if available
    - If the problem gets fixed with a known good PC, the functionality of your input video source (PC, etc) needs to be checked

    Steps to reseat the projector bulb (Applies for Dell 1610HD projector only)
    - Before re seating the lamp, please follow the below mentioned safety instructions
    - The lamp becomes very hot when in use. Do not attempt to replace the lamp until the projector has been allowed to cool down for at least 30 minutes.
    - Do not touch the bulb or the lamp glass at any time. Projector lamps are very fragile and may shatter if touched. The shattered glass pieces are sharp and can cause injury.
    - If the lamp shatters, remove all broken pieces from the projector and dispose or recycle according to state, local, or federal law.
    - Turn off the projector and disconnect the power cord
    - Let the projector cool for at least 30 minutes
    - Loosen the two screws that secure the lamp cover, and remove the cover (Refer to image below)
    - Loosen the two screws that secure the lamp (Refer to image above)
    - Pull up the lamp by its metal handle
    - Wipe away any dust or dirt from the lamp using a soft cloth. Be gentle when working so you don't dislodge or damage any of the parts
    - Re seat the lamp
    - Tighten the two screws that secure the lamp
    - Replace the lamp cover and tighten the two screws
    - Reset the lamp usage time by selecting "Yes" for Lamp Reset in the OSD Lamp tab (Refer to image below)
    - After you re-install the lamp, select Yes to reset the lamp timer
    - If the issue still persists, it indicates a hardware problem with the projector
    - Bulb replacement may work in that case

    If the Dell logo appears fine, check with a known good computer / input video source
    In case you are unsure about the type of video card installed, you may find these steps useful (Only for Windows operating system):
    - Click ‘Start Icon’, and then click ‘Control Panel’
    - Click ‘Hardware and Sound’
    - Click ‘Device Manager’
    - ‘User Account Control’ dialog box may appear
    - Click Continue
    - ‘Device Manager’ Page opens up
    - Expand option ‘Display Adapter’
    - Capture the names of listed devices
    - If needed, I will provide detailed instructions to re-install the device driver

    Hope this helps. Do reply with the results. I would be glad to assist.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurabh A
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  • I have a DELL M209X projector. There are a lot of white dots on the display, and it seemed that the number of these white dots are increasing all the time. I need help on how to remove these white dots or what is wrong with my projector. Thank you.

  • Sorry, but the solutions you offer are just for dust or other things inside the projector lens. I also got the same white dots problems, my projector is a 1610HD, it was working fine last night and today it has all  those white dots toward the right side of the image, even outside the projected image, including the Dell Blue Screen. The problem can be seen in the menu screen. So it seems there was a group of this 1610HD Proyectors with a defective DLP Chip. The bulb is not even half its life and the projector is not working anymore. 

    Now, I have to find a way to fix my projector or spend 800 dollars on a new one. Thank you, Dell!! 

  • I have a dell 1209s with a bad dlp chip. My Samsung dlp tv developed it but the manufacturer repaired it for free out of waretee . Because it was defective. Texas Instruments makes the chip. My projector has 12 bad pixels at 345 hours but has been out of warantee for a few years.
  • Having the same issues. Both white and black dead pixels. Worked great for the first year of use, and then keep having more dead pixels showing up. Don't know if there is a fix, or are we screwed! Any ideas?


  • Did you find a solution or are you screwed! I have about a dozen dead pixels, both white and black. Very disappointed in Dell.

  • You couldn't be more wrong in your analysis. This is problem with dead pixels, nothing to do with the bulb, or menu settings. You have a defective batch of sensors. I am very disappointed with the the 1610HD projector. Have had many projectors, and this one is junk! Very disappointed.

  • I found a solution to fix the 1610hd projectors with dead pixels. It seems that there was a bad batch of DMD chips sent out with these projectors. It also seems that Dell will not acknowledge this fact as a factory recall, but there are new chips available to fix the problem. I found the revised chip on Amazon for $170. I replaced the DMD chip and no more dead pixels. Can't say how long this fix will work, or whether the same thing will happen down the road, but for now all is well. The old chip is listed as 1280-6038B. I will not be buying another Dell product due to their wonderful customer service. Laughed a bit when I read their solution as "dust". Very funny!
  • What part number did you order? And Is it still working?
  • IT is the DMD problem, need change a new one. you can buy the parts and install to your projector

  • How do you get it apart to access the chip?