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Connecting Projector to Laptop


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Connecting Projector to Laptop

  • Hi
    I have a Dell Inspiron and have a projector that I want to display pictures with.
    Both are connected - however the projector only displays my desktop image & nothing else.
    Obviously there is a connection between my laptop & projector - but does anyone know why I can't display the contents of my laptop screen through the projector???
  • hold down the Fn key and press F8 to display on your projector. press it again to display on both your laptop and the projector.
  • It sounds like your extended desktop option is enabled. When this option is enabled, the projector serves as an extra space for your visible desktop. You can move most program windows to this "extra space" by simply dragging them over -- by default the extended space is to the right of your regular desktop, but the layout can be adjusted.

    On the other hand, most people aren't comfortable with the concept of extended desktop. In this case, you should disable that option. Right-click on the desktop background, go to Properties > Settings, select the blue rectangle that represents your 2nd monitor, and then uncheck the box below labelled "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor." Afterwards, use Fn+F8 to toggle between LCD and projection displays.
  • I have a similar but different problem. With my Dell MP3300 projector connected I can project what is on my laptop screen, power point slides for example, except if I am playing a dvd video. Then I get the picture and sound etc. on the laptop, but what come through the projector is only the "skin" surrounding the picture, complete with controls etc. but a blank screen where the movie should be,(and is on the laptop screen). This condition is the same when using several different video playing software, eg. IntervideoWinDVD, Widows Media Player, etc., and several different laptops of various makes. This was not always the case. What am I doing wrong?
  • Hi -  have a problem similar to that described below. 

    I’m not able to project the slides to both my laptop monitor and the projector at the same time.  I used the Function and F8 keys to toggle among the 3 settings (laptop only, wall/projector only, and both laptop and wall/projector).  Laptop alone works, wall/projector alone works. But when I try to display on both, it displays ok on the laptop, but on the wall/projector it only shows the desktop wallpaper/background.  If I have the desktop on the laptop monitor, it (the laptop) display both the icons and background on the desktop, but only the background on the wall thru the projector (the icons are not visible).  If I have the powerpoint slides on the laptop, the image via the projector still only displays the wallpaper/background on the wall (ie., the slides are not visible thru the projector) - (which is interesting because the background is not visible on the laptop monitor - only the powerpoint slides are visible). 

    It seems to me that the physical connection is ok since the image of the wallpaper/desktop is sent to the projector; I’ve changed the background, and it does display properly on the wall (via the projector). So it seems as though something is preventing whatever is on top of the desktop (ie., icons, or powerpoint) from being sent to the projector. 

    Based on the reply below (from jingyenshiau), I checked for an extended desktop.  The second blue box in the Settings tab of the Display Properties box is grayed out and not active; I don't think the extended desktop is enabled. 

    Any suggestions as to how I can get the powerpoint slides to display on both the laptop and via the projector??



  • Hi Barbara,

    When the second blue box is greyed out, there are two possibilities: (1) there is nowhere for the desktop to extend to (e.g. projector not connected or powered up), or (2) the desktop can be, but isn't, extended to the 2nd monitor. How can we tell the difference? In the former case, when you select the 2nd blue box, the line below saying "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" is greyed out as well; in the latter case, you have the ability to check that option.

    If you don't have the ability to check off that extended desktop option, please power up your projector and go through the verificatin/setting procedure again. If you can put a check mark in that box but already leave it blank, then something seriously unnatural is happening, and we will need a Plan B...

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  • I have the exact same problem (desktop and slides video contet) with my MP1100 projector. I am using a ProStar (Clevo) laptop.

    At one time, I was able to play all movie/DVD content using this setup, so it must be some sort of software problem. For the life of me I can't figure it out.

    Did you ever figure out the problem?