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3200MP DVI Connection


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3200MP DVI Connection

  • I am trying to connect a SAMSUNG HD DVD931 to my DELL 3200MP Projector, using a DVI Cable and a M1 to DVI Adaptor.
    I can't get any image.
    Please help.
  • CAn you not connect this with a straight DVI to DVI Cable froman electronics store? I hate adaptors and the cable Dell sells is not HD if I remember correctly. (Then again I could be wrong)
  • Thanks for your reply.

    The thing is that 3200MP Projector has no direct DVI input, it must be connected through the M1 input, so there is no other way to do it, as far as I understand.
    Dell sells this:
    DELL M1-DA to DVI Digital Video Cable for Dell 3200MP/5100MP Projectors (Manufacturer Part# F0684 Dell Part #: 310-3784), which is the same thing I am using (But my adaptor is not Dell). Mine I bought it from www.DVIgear.com (http://www2.dvigear.com/m1matodvfeus.html). I connect that adapter with a DVI-D and my DVD and get nothing.
    The adapter in the specifications it says:


    Short cable between connectors allows for a flexible solution in low-space applications.
    Allows you to connect a DVI-D source to an M1-D or M1-DA projector.
    Allows you to connect a DVI-D display to a graphics card with a P&D display output.
    This adapter will ONLY work with a digital signal. Analog connections are not supported.
    This adapter will ONLY work with single link connections. Dual link is not supported.

    I hope this information helps.
  • Sorry about that. I assumed it was a DVI connector on the back. Just looked and saw it was not. I should pay closer attention next time. One thing I do know though is this unit is not HDTV compatible. Are you sure you want to connect this nice unit to a unit that cannot display the right feature?
  • ok,
    I was not sure about the HDTV Support, In fact I thought so because in the 3200 specs it says HDTV Compatible up to 1080.
    I saw a review in www.projectorcentral.com and the same.
    Weird... dont you think?
  • I think the M1-DA to DVI-D is dual link and the DVD player is single link.

    Same problem with HDMI converter. Is it possible to convert dual to single link?

    Maybe Dell could help with this?


  • or rather, M1-DA to DVI-D is single link 18pin and DVD upconv. is dual link 24pin.

    DVI or HDMI adapter is 24pin dual ?  Any  options , other than component ?

  • No, it seems Dell cannot help with this.  Several inquiries yielded mysteriously dropped calls.