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Sync-problem when starting a vidieo on Windows Media Player


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Sync-problem when starting a vidieo on Windows Media Player

  • I have a problem with a 3100MP in combination with Dell Latidude D600 connected over VGA. When a .wmv-file is started on Windows Media Player the projector shows the sync-in-process screen for about 4 secounds. This looks not that good in presentations for our customers because the first secounds of the video clips are cutt off.

    Maybe someone has a solution for this problem.

  • I have the same problem with the 2300 projector using my Inspiron 5150.  My Corel Presentations load instantly and look great in full screen BUT when I attempt to load an MPEG file with MEDIA PLAYER  the projector screen turns white with the DELL logo, then it shows a small portion of the top of the video for a split-second, then it goes white again and then after about 4 seconds the video
    begins to play full screen 6 seconds into the video.  This is not good for presentations!  Please help!
  • I also just experianced this issue.  I use a Dell Inspirion 9200 laptop and the Dell 3300 projector.  When I click to some of my  .wmv slides in powerpoint, the projector disconnects and tries to resync to the source.  VERY IRRITATING.  I have hidden the slides in the presentation for now but would like to know if there is a fix!!!
    I also was experiancing another issue with some .avi files in my powerpoint presentation.  When the slide comes up, the animation screen goes white while it plays. Once done playing, it shows the end of the slide.  I tried many things and finally came up with burning the .avi files to run from a cd during the presentation.  It's not the best solution but it does work.  I may try this on the .wmv files to see if it makes any difference.....ANY OTHER THOUGHTS????
  • I am having the same issue when I switch VGA sources with my DB15 switchbox.  For a split second while I turn the knob, it breaks the video connection and both of my projectors go to the searching for signal screen even though auto source is turned off.

    Is there ANY way I can fix this?

    I love my 2200MP's other than that.

    Thanks in advance,