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TSFM-IR01 and TSHR-IR01 Projector Remote Control Compatibility?


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TSFM-IR01 and TSHR-IR01 Projector Remote Control Compatibility?

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I currently teach at a college that has Dell projectors installed for instructional use, and they're installed in a less-than-reachable-from-the-ground fashion.  I usually have to sign out a remote for the projector....not that it's a ruin-my-day ordeal or anything.

I recently got to remembering that I own a TSFM-IR01 remote that I purchased to use with Dell projectors for a college at which I *previously* taught.  Last time I signed out the remote for the existing projector, I noted its model number as TSHR-IR01.

What are the chances of these two remotes being able to control the same projector?  I know that, in some cases and with some manufacturers, many different remote models will work with just about any projector in their lineup.  I didn't know if there would be any likelihood that my remote from a couple of years ago would work successfully with this newer model.  For all intents and purposes, it seems like the newer remote is not much more than a little rearranging of almost all the same keys that exist on mine, and they made it a little sleeker.

I don't know the model number of the projector, unfortunately.

Any feedback would be great.  Thanks!

- JL -



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  • I would definitely try it.

    All dell remotes should be cross family compatible.