in all documentation for vmware it s written to active jumbo frame for iscsi network.

i m wonderning how to do that in my infrastructure.

I have the folliowinf infra

I have two san san1 and san2 connected throuh an iscsi vlan. to two stacks of 8132F switch.

These two switchs are interconnected through two stacks of 8164F stack.

and the two stacks of 8164F are connected to each other.

in the trunk there are several vlan that are propagated throuh an unique portchannel.

When setting jumbo frame the docs says that the jumbo frame should be activated all allow the path betwen hosts.

i have hosts connected to the first stacks and hosts connected to the second stack of 8132F but all hosts see all SANS.

i can enable jumbo on all the machines ( san or host ) connected the 8132 stacks but not on all host connected to the 8164F stacks

and the iscsi vlan use the trunk between the two 8164F

then i don't see how to activate the jumbo frames as in the path there s a "patch" where i can activate it.