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Powerconnect 2508 + Intel Pro/1000 CT = 100Mbps

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Powerconnect 2508 + Intel Pro/1000 CT = 100Mbps

  • I have two 2508's using Pro/1000 MT and Pro/1000 XT adapters and all has been well.

    I recently added a new machine based on the Intel D875PBZ motherboard that included an integrated Pro/1000 CT and it refuses to run at 1Gbps.  If I unplug and re-plug the cable, it shows 1Gbps for a short time (<10 min) and then the speed falls back to 100Mbps.  I tried the drivers that came with the board, the latest drivers from the Intel support site and even tried the latest Pro/1000 (generic) drivers - same result all around.

    All hints/suggestions/incantations would be welcome.


  • If you have not done so already, you might try swapping with a known-good pre-fabricated store-bought Cat5e (or higher specification) cable. The Intel gigabit NICs tend to be very unforgiving with sub-standard cable. If it detects signal loss on any of the conductors, it will drop the connection to 100Mbps and use only 2 wire pairs.

    The Intel ProSet software should have a built-in cable tester feature you can use to determine whether it is detecting sub-standard cable.

  • Sorry - should have put that into the original post.

    I have swapped known good cables, e.g. working with other Intel Pro/1000 MT cards and ports also.  Result is the same.

    I was looking for any known issues with this adapter and the 2508's.  Of course, the adapter could be bad also...


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