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Powerconnect 6224F IP ROUTING

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Powerconnect 6224F IP ROUTING

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I read a lot of posts about routing with Powerconnect. But I don't find any suitable aolution for my situation.

First of all my (chaotic) network :

I have 3 Subnets( 136,137,57) and PC use as GW the first adr of the corresponding subnet.


GW to outside ( <-----> router (,, default GW ) <---> 6224F (Vlan1

behind the 6224F there are more switches and none with VLAN. Any PC can be connected to any Port on any Switch.

This works, but the router (10MBit ) is slow and I want to replace it with routing on 6224F.

My idea is move Management Port to VLAN 100 and vlan 100 ip - ,

Then create VLAN 1 ip address

and VLAN 1 ip address secondary

and VLAN 1 ip address secondary

and enable routing. global gateway to

will this work ?? How can i connect from my PC  (192.168.136.x ) remote to management ?

Thanks for help !  Smile

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  • Hello Jetgum

    It will depend on the location of the default gateway for VLAN 1.

    What is going to happen is that your subnet will not have any knowledge of the VLAN 100. Because of this it will send the packet to the default gateway for routing. If the swtich/router that the default gateway is located on has routing capability and knowledge of the other subnet via OSPF/RIP then it will readdress the packet to that location and tag it as VLAN 100. If the router/switch that the default gateway is located on does not have routing capabilities to allow the packet to switch VLANs or does not have knowledge of the other subnet via some type of routing protocol then the packet will timeout.

    One other thing to remember is that the same holds true in the opposite direction. The same process takes place when the switch transmits packets back to your computer, so make sure that the routing protocol on that switch has a known route to the other network.

    Routing allows VLANs to communicate with each other. Routing protocols provide maps to get to different networks throughout your LAN/WAN.

    You can check the known routes of the switch with #show ip route


  • Hello Daniel,

    Thanks for the answer.

    And yes the default GW to outside has routes for all the subnets to the internal router. It probably has all capability but I don't have access ..

    But as mentioned it is soooo slow with 10Mbit.

    So if I understand you I still need a second "router" to route the management net.

    Any idea how else I could use the 6224 as a pure IP router ??



  • You do not need a second router for routing. It sounds like your configuration will work. The outside router will allow you to connect to the 6224. You just need to make sure that there is a default gateway assigned to VLAN 1. With routing enabled globally on the 6224 it should allow correct routing back to you.

    As long as routing is enabled globally then the 6224 can be used as a router. You just need to make sure that the other switches are capable of correct VLAN tagging to allow the packets to reach the 6224.

    From what I know about your current configuration it should work.. You will need to enable a method of remote management like SSH or telnet. SSH configuration is quite involved and I would suggest reviewing the SSH section of the user's guide for it. Telnet is just a single command at a global configuration prompt:

    #ip telnet server


    You can enable telnet passwords and perform other configuration for it, but simply assigning an IP to the management VLAN and enabling telnet will allow it to function.