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config for 5524

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hi there,

I've setup 2x dell powerconnect 5524 switches in a stack today. As its the first time I have done this I was hoping someone more knowledgeable could take a look at the config a let me know if it all looks ok.

It will be used in a data centre with 3x vmware vsphere servers and 1x equallogic PS4000 

The plan is to use ports 1-11 for "LAN" traffic, 12-14 for vmware vmotion and 15-24 for iSCSI traffic.

I have attached the config and appreciate any constructive feedback.



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  • Al,

    Hi, I’m Joe with Dell EqualLogic.  For this particular switch model only (the PowerConnect 5524 and the 5548) we recommend the following (this is an exception to our normal best practices/recommendations).

    Note: these settings need to be done an all the ports, regardless of what vlan it is in or what devices are attaching to it.

    Step 1 – ensure the iscsi optimization is disabled

    console(config)# no iscsi enable

    Step 2 – turn OFF flow control (This is an exception to our Best Practices rule)

    console(config)# interface range gigabitethernet 1/0/1-24

    console(config-if-range)# no flowcontrol

    console(config)# interface range tengigabitethernet 1/0/1-2

    console(config-if-range)# no flowcontrol

    Save the config changes when you are done with these steps.


    If you experience performance issues make the following additional configuration change.

    console# configure

    console(config)# no port jumbo-frames


    Again, these settings are only for this model of PowerConnect (5524/48).

    If you have any additional questions, let me know.



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  • Hi Joe,

    First of all thanks for your response - it is appreciated.

    I was just wondering why its recommended to switch off flow control? Is this just for connecting to equallogic arrays or all iSCSI SANs?



  • Al,

    For now, this recommendation is only for this switch model (5524/48) when in use with the EqualLogic array.  I do not know if other arrays manufactures will have this same recommendation.

    The recommendation is due in part to the way flow control is currently implemented on the switch.

    Again, do not use these recommendations on any other model of PowerConnect or any other switch, unless specifically instructed.


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  • thanks Joe. Can I take it this is likely to change in a future firmware upgrade?

  • Al,

    You can check with the PowerConnect team, or keep you eye on the driver page for updates:



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  • Hi,

    Did this configuration is recommended also for a powervault MD3200i  array ?

  • Hi Joe,

    does this recommendation still apply to the 5524 or are there any new informations? I'm running the newest firmware.

    best regards,


  • The 5500 series never made it to the list of validated switches for Equallogic. So if you're wanting to put an Equallogic SAN on here (and maybe some other stuff), I'd suggest to upgrade to a 6200 or higher.

    The PowerVault MD series is more entry level compared to an Equallogic (even the PS4000 that was mentioned in the original opening post), and therefor doesn't have the same level of testing for compatibility.

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  • That is not true! When I bought my 5500 Stack DELL told me that I can use these switches for EQL. I talked to my Technical Account Manager some weeks ago and he told me too I can use these switches. DELL will still give me the regular support. BTW I still have whitepapers here from EQL where they list the 55xx Series!

    So again: Does the information above still apply?

  • Sorry for the delay in responding, but I don’t work on the weekends.

    The current status of the PC5500's is the same, that is to say, in order of performance improvement try each in this order:

    Turn off iSCSI optimization

    Next, turn off flow control

    And if needed: lastly, turn off jumbo frames

    (Test with an IO meter after each setting to see that is best for your applications)

    Regarding the comment if the switch is compatible with EqualLogic, I know at some point they were sold as a solution, but this is no longer true.  In fact the 5500’s was never on the approved EqualLogic Compatibility Matrix (

    There may have been older documentation out there, but to my recollection it is years old, and was referencing the v3.x of the firmware.  That version of the FW is so old now that any document about the 5500’s is outdated and should not be used.

    As indicated, the 5500’s are Ok for 1-2 arrays and up to 3 hosts (Max!), beyond that, you are going into uncharted territory, and you will have unpredictable performance.


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