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DELL PowerConnect 6224

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My company bought 4 powerconnect 6224 and 8 powerconnect 2724 switches. I can WEB access or telnet to 2724 easy with default username: admin and blanco password, but I cant connect to any of 6224 switches neither via WEB or telnet. Always says "Username or Password invalid". I cant find solution anywhere on Internet so plz help me so I can configure my equipement asap.

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  • 6224 does not have a default username and password.  You need to connect to the serial port and set one.  the following example sets the username/password to admin/mypassword with privilege level 15.   Level 15 is what is needed to access via the web.

    console> enable

    console# configure

    console(config)# username admin password mypassword level 15

    You may also need to set the IP address to something on your network:  The following example sets the IP address to with a netmask of

    console (config)# ip address /24