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Dell Power Connect 2716 - Cannot login to web-based managed mode

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Dell Power Connect 2716 - Cannot login to web-based managed mode

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Hi there,

I'm having some real problems logging in via managed mode. The switch is configured to managed mode...the LED Is solid green as should be, and the default IP is

I can access the web page fine, and the login page pops up. I enter ''admin'' and then leave the password field blank as stated, but when I click ok all I get is:


User name or password missing''

 It's like it's not recognising that I’m entering text into the field, is the software corrupt? And how can I fix this?

Is there anywhere else I’m going wrong here? How can I completely reset the switch to make sure it hasn't retained any funny settings?

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  • It's some brain-damaged HTTPd embedded in the PowerConnect.   I have occaisonally gotten in with recent Firefox, but in past years, only MS-Explorer could reliably authenticate.  Even then, I occaisionally (rarely) see the same issue with Explorer.  Restarting Explorer lets me get in.


  • You can get inconsistant results if you have multiple switches on your network with the same IP address.  Most of the Dell switches have a default IP of  Are you working on a closed network with just a PC and the switch?

    What version of IE or Firefox are you using?

  • To completely reset to defaults, use a paperclip to push the "managed mode" button.  Hold the button for 30 seconds.  wait about 3 minutes for the switch to reset and come up in unmanaged mode.  push and hold the managed mode button again for 30 seconds.  wait about 3 minutes for the switch to come up in managed mode.  Now try again.

    Another thing to note is the duplex of your connection.  I have seen management issues on this switch if there is a half duplex connection to the management pc.   A half duplex connection can result from the management pc not having autonegotiation set.


    I've found that IE works pretty well.  FireFox v3 is what I'm using.  But I frequently have to clear my cache when working on the Dell PowerConnect switch.  I finally pulled down an add-on for FF - johnnycache.  Johnnycache allows you to completely block the browser from cachine any content from a device or domain.  That works.

    But - I've found if I change the management address of the PC switch ... to anything other than a /24 mask ... I can't log in no matter what. 

  • I was having the same problem that everyone is having here, but my solution was to turn off the antivirus (Avast Web Shield).  Once I did that, login was no problem.



  • Johnnycache works well for me. The only trouble now is that it has not been updated for Firefox 3.6. In the future, I expect I'll have reason to update Firefox and I don't relish the thought of losing Johnnycache. Has anyone found a plugin comparable to Johnnycache?

  • I did the same thing and got the same result, ''ERROR User name or password missing''

    Tried the other answers in this post without success (maybe the remove cache is the exception - just what is a cache anyway?).

    However, after just going to the 'Tools' tab in the IE browser and selecting 'Delete Browsing History' (default settings), I could successfully use the admin login with no password!


  • I know this is old, but perhaps try using your browsers inprivate mode. (Actually I may be incorrect, as its still cached in memory in Chrome but not written to disk).

    Also check that ie's cache is set to automatic.

  • Hello,

    I am having the same issue (actually worse, I cannot even get the login page to appear at all). I have tried everything suggested on this thread, including IE6 and Firefox, to no avail. I, too, have the 2716.

    Any other suggestions? I would really like to enable Jumbo packets......

    Thanks in advance.


  • Press the Mode button on the front panel and it should enter un-managed mode after about 90 seconds, once there press it again and the default setting will be returned which is admin and a blank password. I did this on an older version and it worked.

  • Here's another link to the reset proceedures for these.

  • Thank you for that link!

    These instructions are for the 2800 series switches. Is it the same for the 2700s? 

    I hadn't realized this needed to be done through the serial port. Hope this is the ticket!!


  • I thought there was a reset button on the 27xx series but it's been awhile, the manual talks bout holding the button in for xx seconds to get it to switch to "managed" mode so I would think it follows that you hold it in to get it "out" of managed mode.

  • Yup, just a single toggle between managed and unmanaged. What the manual doesn't tell you at all is that you need a dedicated computer attached directly to the serial port to access the embedded web server.

    Thanks Again!


  • Hello, I too am having a problem with a 2716 Switch. It powers on but I can not seem to get it to enter managed mode. Pressing the button with a paperclip once, several times, holding it in for 30-90 seconds doesn't seem to do anything.

    Additionally when I connect the switch to my router it is not seen as an attached device. Is this because it is stuck in default mode and does not have an IP?

    I'd really like to get into managed mode. Could this switch be bad?

    Oh, I bought it at a thrift store for ten bucks.... but I can return it!  :)

    According to the service tag it was shipped in 2005 so it's quite old.