Dell PowerConnect 5324 - How do you reset to factory defaults

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Dell PowerConnect 5324 - How do you reset to factory defaults

  • I work for a consulting company.   I've been allowed to play with a spare PowerConnect 5324 to try and get up to speed on some of it's features.  We are now needing to ship it out to one of our clients, but I need to reset it to factory defaults and wipe any changes I may have made and to wipe any IP/Account information.  I've looked through the manual and haven't found the information off hand.  What are the steps to reset the switch to factor defaults?
  • I've found the reload command on the console and can get access to the switch but when I try it it just comes back with:
    % Unrecognized command
    I'm currently Running
    SW version ( date  07-Jun-2004 time  14:34:51 )
    Boot version ( date  10-Aug-2004 time  13:33:06 )
    HW version    00.00.02
  • Connect to the console port via hyperterminal or similar.
    Then, at the command prompt...
    delete startup-config
    reload...then say yes to the confirmation request - switch will reboot with no config username/password/IPaddress etc etc.
  • Just tried this and get the same % Unrecognized command on a 2848

    Seem's the guides and documentation are either wrong, outdated or something wrong with my switches, 2 of them

  • looks like the new command is