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how to rerun Wizard on PowerConnect 3024

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how to rerun Wizard on PowerConnect 3024

  • Hi,
    I'm at a small company and we're setting up a test lab. We're running two stacked PowerConnect switches. I can hyperterminal into it, but I don't understand from the user guide how to get the wizard to run one more time. We're fine getting rid of the old configuration information anyway, because it's not useful to us. We're troubleshooting why the dhcp server isn't issuing IP addresses as we bring up machines on the private network.
    Anyway, can someone explain how you get the setup wizard to run if it has already been run once?
    Thank you!
  • I don't think there is a wizard on this switch.  Personally I did not work on this switch, its been around a long time before I join the engineering group.  Anyway, I think the startup wizard was not introduced until a later switch.  But I could be wrong, I'll ask around to see if anyone else here know.


  • How about getting a new image to be downloaded? When I try to 'download software' from the boot menu, I get an error and the machine reloads and starts the download process again, ad infinitum. Is there a document which describes how I can get the factory image to download properly?