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Network Switches
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Dell PowerConnect 2724 Fiber Uplink to Cisco 3550

  • I have the following Network Topology:
    a) Cisco 3550, 48-ports, 2 gigabit fiber uplink modules
    b) Cisco 3550, 24-ports, 1 gigabit fiber uplink module
    c) Dell PowerConnect 2724, 1 gigabit fiber uplink module

    I have switches (a) and (b) connected via a fiber cable and the connection works fine. I want to connect switches (a) and (c) via a fiber cable as well so that I get gigabit speeds between the two switches. When I do this, the uplink seems to work (the Dell PowerConnect 2724 open manage software tells me the switches are connected at 1000 full duplex) and the lights blink on both sides appropriately. However hosts don't seem to be able to find each other on either side of the uplink - e.g. hosts on my dell switch can't talk to hosts on either of my two cisco switches.

    Any thoughts on configuration changes I need to make or other potential issue that would cause this problem would be welcome.
  • Are you using VLANs?  If you have VLANs configured on your network then maybe the VLANs setting do not match on the switches.


  • Nope, we don't use VLANs anywhere on our network.
  • Is the 2724 running in managed or unmanaged mode - I'm assuming it is in managed mode if you can see link status from 2724?  Try pinging the 2724 management IP address from the Cisco switch directly connected to it.

    Also try connecting two hosts directly to the 2724 and see if they can talk to each others.  If they can then perhaps there is some configuration problem on the port between the 2724 and the Cisco switch.  At that point we will need to see what is configured on the 2724 (if it is managed mode) and what's configured on the Cisco switch.

    You said that the status on the link shows that it is "1000 Full" from the 2724 perspective, can you see what the Cisco switch is reporting the status of the link to be?  I'm assuming both Cisco and PowerConnect ports are configured to "auto-negotiation".