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Steps to reset a new 2724

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Steps to reset a new 2724

  • I've just installed  new 2724 and it will not respond on it's default IP address; I have set the IP address on my directly-connected laptop to
    This is the 3rd of 3 switches I am`installing and the others were fine.
    How do I actually reset the switch to ensure it really is at the default settings? Or is it likely to be a fault? The switch works okay and has a GBIC installed which is working fine.
  • To reset the defaults, use the recessed Managed Mode button to change the mode from unmanaged then back to managed.
  • Where is the managed mode button?  I am also trying to rest a new 2724, and I have not had any response with the IP address either.  I tried looking for the managed mode button yesterday and I could not find a button.  I even had somebody else look at it and they did not see it either. 

    Thanks for the help!

  • The Managed Mode button is on the front of the switch to the right of the RJ-45 ports. There is a small hole next to the words "Managed Mode". The button is recessed in this hole, so you will need a paper clip or other small object to press the button.
  • Que tal. Ya le di un reset a mi Switch PowerConnect 2724 y ninguna de las direcciones ip me responden, que tengo que hacer para poder entrar y poder administrarlo, me podrian ayudar por favor :smileysad:
  • La luz 'managed' (debajo de la luz de power) tiene que estar prendida. Si no esta prendida, hay que presionar el boton 'manage' (al lado de los connectores de fibra optica).

    Si la luz 'managed' esta prendida, presiona el boton 'manage' para poner al switch en modo 'unmanaged'. Despues de un rato, repetir el proceso para poner al switch en modo 'managed', y a la vez hacer un reset de fabrica, y el IP va a ser

    basically, press the manage button to set it to unmanaged first, then again to set it back to managed, and actually resetting it to factory default.