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3024 vs 3324

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3024 vs 3324

  • I currently have a 3024 and need another switch as I have used up all my ports.  What are the main benefits of the 3324 over the 3024?  I know the 3324 has many to one port mirroring, which would be nice.


  • The 3324 and 3348 are more advanced switches that the 3000 series.

    Some of the main benefits and added features are:

    • MAC and IP access-lists
    • Syslog and RMON
    • More manageable via SNMP
    • 802.1w - Rapid Spannning Tree
    • Port Security
    • Added security with SSH and HTTPS

    It is also a stackable unit like the 3000 series

  • We have purchased at least 100 3248 PowerConnect switches.  We ordered 3 more and found that the 3248 is no longer available.  The 3348s we received are VASTLY different to configure than the 3248s.  What gives?  We want consistency in our switches and this is NOT consistent with the 3248s.
  • The 3324s also seem to have significantly less capacity than the 3024.
    For example: the Dell switching capacity spec's for a 3024 are:
    - Switch Fabric Capacity 12.8 Gb/s
    - Forwarding Rate 9.5 Mpps
    The Dell switching capacity spec's for a 3324 are:
    - Switch Fabric Capacity 8.8 Gb/s
    - Forwarding Rate 6.5 Mpps
    Can a Dell moderator comment on this? What affect will this have when the traffic capacity of the 3024s has already been questioned?
    Also, can a 3324 be stacked with a 3024?
  • I have just received a 3324 that I am going to stack with my 3024's.  Did yours end up working OK?


  • It was confirmed that you can't stack a 3024 with a 3324.

  • Thanks for your help.

  • Before you buy these make sure you read some of the issues we are having: