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3448P Main Power Supply Sensor

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3448P Main Power Supply Sensor

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Hello, I have a 3448P that is being monitored by nagios.  Nagios is claiming that the sensor for the main power supply is critical once or twice every few days, however, there is nothing in the logs for the switch referring to this.  This is a switch that I just got on ebay, so it is possible that the power supply is bad.  Is there any way to test if the power supply is really failing?  It never reboots when this error message appears, and as you can see below it is showing the power supply as OK in both the CLI and web interface.

# show system
System Description:                       Ethernet Switch
System Up Time (days,hour:min:sec):       06,14:23:46
System Contact:
System Name:                              BARN-3448P
System Location:                          Refton_Barn
System MAC Address:                       00:14:22:7d:b7:f0
System Object ID:               
Type:                                     PowerConnect 3448P

Main Power Supply Status:                 OK
Fan 1 Status:                             OK
Fan 2 Status:                             OK
Fan 3 Status:                             OK
Fan 4 Status:                             OK
Fan 5 Status:                             OK

          Unit            Temperature (Celsius)            Status
------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------
           1                        9                        OK

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  • Besides looking at the logs/status in the CLI/GUI, there are not any diagnostics that I know of, that can be run on the switch to check the power supply.

    As long as the status of all the fans and power supplies are good, and there is nothing in the PowerConnect logs. Then it sounds like it may be an issue with communication to the monitoring software.

    Do you have any other 3448P switches you monitor with this software? If so what firmware are those switches on?

    Here is the most current firmware revision for the 3448P, I would recommend ensuring it is up to date.  


    Keep us posted.


    Daniel Covey
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  • Yes, we have another 3448p that is being monitored with no errors.  They are both the same firmware (newest) and both have the same settings in nagios.  The power supply warnings came with replacing the switch last week.

  • I just checked the logs and it looks like it is logging the event, but it was getting cleared out with other events before I could see it.  

      16     2147465790     18~Jan~2013 15:02:01  Info         %DELL-I-STATUS: The product global status has changed from non-critical to ok at time 57491200.    

      17     2147465791     18~Jan~2013 15:02:01  Info         %Box-I-PS-STAT-CHNG: PS# 1 status is - operational.    

      18     2147465792     18~Jan~2013 15:01:56  Info         %DELL-I-STATUS: The product global status has changed from ok to non-critical at time 57490700.    

      19     2147465793     18~Jan~2013 15:01:56  Warning     %Box-W-PS-STAT-CHNG: PS# 1 status is - not operational.    

  • does this switch provide more devices with power vs. the other switch? It may be wise to get a case open on this issue so it can be documented, and parts replaced if need be.

    Daniel Covey
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  • The switch is far out of warranty since it was used.  It appears to be working fine, but I am in the process of contacting the seller on ebay to get a replacement/refund.  The logs were not making it into the log file since it was set to only log errors and above.  I grabbed that out of the RAM log.  It is interesting that a failing power supply is not an error level or higher log message.

  • I am not sure what thresholds the switch has for constituting the different between a warning and a critical error. But it is pretty clear that power supply is having some issues. Contacting the seller sounds like a good idea. I am not seeing a way of just replacing the power supply. So if it were under warranty, the whole switch would probably be replaced.

    Side note/thought, does this switch plug into a UPS? Is the power coming into the switch good, not over or under voltage?

    Daniel Covey
    Dell EMC | Enterprise Support Services
    Get support on Twitter: @DellCaresPRO

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