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PC62xx: spanning-tree portfast on portchannel?

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PC62xx: spanning-tree portfast on portchannel?

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we use this config on our PC62xx for portchannels:

!interface ethernet 1/g43
!channel-group 1 mode auto
!description 'Server eth0'
!interface ethernet 1/g44
!channel-group 1 mode auto
!description 'Server eth1'
!interface port-channel 1
!description 'Server'

If this portchannel is connected to another switch, spanning-tree portfast is not configured, of course.

But what do you use when the portchannel is connected to a server where both network cards are configured as a network bond

To portfast or not to portfast is the question?

Thanks  Thilo

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  • ah, forgot this question. Where would I config the

    spanning-tree portfast?

    in the ethernet interface or the port-channel interface?

  • When those ports connect to a non switch device, in this case a server, you want portfast to be enabled.

    You would navigate to that specific interface/port, and run this command to enable portfast.

    console(config-if)# spanning-tree portfast

    The only way this may change, is if the server was a virtual environment which housed a virtual switch, then settings may change some.


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