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Automatic backup of the switch config via SNMP ?

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Automatic backup of the switch config via SNMP ?

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I am looking for a way to save all configurations of Dell switch.

I currently backup, command prompt indicating the over admin id copy running config that I send to a tftp.

I'd like to make it all automated via an SNMP command, no need to enter the adminin, because everything will be done with the rights of the community, but I can not find the right command.
Could you help me?

Thank you.

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  • I have been doing some research on this, and I am not seeing a way that this could be scheduled or automated, sorry. Perhaps someone else on the forums may find something I over looked, and chime in.


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  • Try looking at the agentTransferConfigGroup in the Fastpath-switching MIB.  This is supposed to allow users to save and restore CONFIGS to a tftp server using SNMP on most of the PowerConnect models (i.e. 6xxx, 7xxx, and 8xxx).   You may be able to script this to automatically perform switch backups.


  • Thanks for your answer, but what do you mean with " agentTransferConfigGroup in the Fastpath-switching MIB"

    I don't understand .

    Do ou have the cmd for using SNMP ?

    Thanks you.

  • The essense of managing a device through SNMP is done through MIBs (Management Information Bases), whose standard is defined at .  The MIBs for an individual device (i.e. the PowerConnect 8024) are available from the manufacturer of that device.  At Dell, all PowerConnect MIBs are located in the zipped file along with a new firmware.  New firmware (with their associated MIBs) can be downloaded from by selecting the model of switch, then selecting the Drivers and Downloads tab and look for "firmware".

    Once you have the MIB files unzipped, load the "Fastpath-switching MIB" into a MIB browser and search for the "agentTransferConfigGroup" object.  You can then use the rules in the object to manage the switch, or in this particular instance the "agentTransferConfigGroup" object will be used to backup the configuration.

    Hope this helps!

  • Sorry, but I do not really understand how. I download a mib browser, then the firmware of a switch.

    but then I do not know what to do.

  • Nobody  ? :s

  • I tried to do exactly the same on a PC6248 without success. This is what I've done.

    Download the firmware from

    then extract it and exctract this file: to ~/.snmp/mibs so snmpset will be able to


    Now  I try to copy the config to the tftp server:

    snmpset -v2c -c<SNMPrwCOMMUNITY> -m FASTPATH-SWITCHING-MIB  <>

    agentTransferUploadServerAddress.0 = <IP of TFTP server>

    agentTransferUploadPath.0 = "/"

    agentTransferUploadFilename.0 = "<Name of configfile.conf>"

    agentTransferUploadDataType.0 i 3

    agentTransferUploadServerAddressType.0 i 1

    agentTransferUploadStart.0 i 1

    (all in one line of course, just for the readability broken down)

    BUT I just get this in the log of the switch:

    <189> MAR 19 15:10:18 <IP of switch> TRAPMGR[150767744]: traputil.c(611) 2440 %% TFTP of /Name of configfile.config is started

    <189> MAR 19 15:10:18 <IP of switch> TRAPMGR[150767744]: traputil.c(611) 2441 %% TFTP of /Name of configfile.config is aborted with exit code = 2

    any idea whats missing?



  • You will also need to specify the agentTransferUploadRemoteFilename.  

    But first, make sure you have the latest Firmware (the one you downloaded above) loaded on your device. This fw should contain the SNMP fix for this issue in particular, over some previous FW releases.  The fix was actually introduced in an older firmware, sometime after (which still had the bug).  

    The fix added a MIB object allowing the user to name the remote file being created.  The new object agentTransferUploadRemoteFilename is found in the fastpathswitching MIB.  The file should now be saved remotely on TFTP with the name created by the user in the agentTransferUploadRemoteFilename object. Trouble ticket # 292209.


  • aalex57,

    First, use the instructions that came with the firmware to upgrade your switch. Once that is completed, the easiest way to understand how the MIB and objects work is to start your MIB browser, load the fastpath MIB, set your target to be the IP address of the switch, then use the MIB browser to GET and SET the following obects:








    You may also prefer to go straight to the command line and run the snmpset command with all needed parameters, however doing this first doesn't provide as much insight into what is going on.  Viewing the MIB file in the MIB browser and performing GET/SET from there can provide more insight into whats occuring.  The MIB files contain a description for each object that can be viewed from the browser, and usually include syntax on the use of each one.


  • # unzip



    #grep agentTransferUploadRemoteFilename

    [nothing found]

    sorry, but it's missing from the MIB file.

    Do you know the numerial OID value?

    Where can I see the trouble tickets you mentioned?


    Uh and what would be the value for agentTransferUploadFilename? I thought this would be the filename on the tftp server but this is the filename from the switch then.

    "running-config" maybe?




  • If the new object is missing, the fix either never made it out, or it is broken again.  I have notified the SNMP team who is digging further and I will post an update to this thread as soon as I hear back.   Sorry for this inconvenience.

  • any news concerning the missing "agentTransferUploadRemoteFilename"?

    Latest version still does not include it.