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3024 fiber connectivity

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3024 fiber connectivity

  • What is required for fiber connections to a 3024 switch.

    We have 3 3024's and need to extend our network over 500ft.

    Has anyone had any experience with using this equipment and fiber connections.


  • The PowerConnect 3024 can support 1000base-SX gbic transceivers in conjunction with multimode fiber cabling and 1000base-LX gbic transceivers in conjunction with single or multimode fiber cabling.  Depending on the patch panel used at either end, you may need an sc to sc, or st to sc fiber patch cable which we also have available. 

    To get the gbic transceivers and fiber cabling, I believe you will need to contact Dell Peripheral Sales at 1-800-www-dell.

    Here is a link which contains more specific information regarding fiber connectivity and the PowerConnects.



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  • I want to link my two 3024 switches over fibre cable using 2 gbic converters and 4 fibre patch cables.

    What GBIC converters should I use?

    What type of fibre patch cables should I use (st-sc or sc-sc)?

    My main fibre cable (between the 2 sites) is 4 core. 62.5/125

    Could you give me a code for these products and a link to their descriptions?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    I did try to follow some previous questions, but the links were dead.