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Lost 3024 IP config?

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Lost 3024 IP config?

  • I have been using a Dell Powerconnect 3024 for quite a while now (almost a year). Up until last week, I had had

    a flawless experience with it.

    All of the sudden, it's IP address starting going offline from time to time until it finally never responds. It's like it lost it's IP address or something as I can't ping it, or read info via SNMP which was how I noticed that it was failing irregularly.

    I'm going to the Data Center today to finally reboot this unit and see if that helps. Anybody else gone through this before?

    It had been running for about 50 days at the time of the incident, and I believe the last reboot was for the latest firmware upgrade available at the time.

    Any ideas?



  • Forgot to mention.... The Switch is still Switching, it's the management aspect that went offline.

    I would think that someone inadvertently changed the IP settings if it weren't for it's flaky availability during the few days before it completely went offline on me.



  • I am using 3048 and meet similar problem, can't ping it.  I can 'see' it from the serial port.  It does switch.  After several reboot, same problem appears again in sevearl hours. I couldn't resolve it so far.
  • Just to update...

    I rebooted it yesterday and updated the firmware to the 6.0.4 version... 24 hours later, and it's been running perfectly fine so far.

    Let's see how long it lasts... So far there has been no sign of failure.



  • Has the firmware update resolved the problem, this has just started happening on our 2 powerconnect 3024
  • This happened to my 3024 today! This is the 2nd or 3rd time - running latest firmware.

    The switch is still switching (thank god!) but the ip doesnt ping, cant telnet and no web interface, but most annoying is lack of SNMP so we can't track traffic!. Unfortunately I dont have a serial cable hooked up to it so I cant see the error. I'm going to the D.C. tomorrow to reboot it.

    This is the 2nd or 3rd time on this 3024 - it's not the firmware because it is running the latest.


    If we have to spend this back, will Dell send a new one before we have to send it back?

    Whats the policy of refunds on these devices if they continue to do this ?

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  • Is any of you running the firmware v. 6.1.2? In one of the messages from JoseQ he says that he has just installed v. 6.0.4, but that one is not the latest one.

    All my PowerConnect 3048 (about 10) are running with the firmware 6.1.2 and I don't have any problems.



  • I just upgraded to 6.1.2 last week after having 2 switches that went haywire, all seems fine so far if i have any problems ill let you all know :)
  • Yes, as stated in my post, the switch is running the latest firmware. I'm really glad dell cares  - the rep doesn't even offer a suggestion or tips on how to return it.

  • The forum is intended for Dell customers to communicate with each other and offer configuration/troubleshooting suggestions. It is not intended to be a substitute for contacting technical support. If you have an urgent issue that has not been resolved, I would suggest contacting tech support in your region.

    For the Americas, call (800) 822-8965 and follow the prompts for Server and PowerConnect. For other regions, please use the contact information provided in your User's Guide.

    The PowerConnect forum is moderated by members of technical support. We try to offer answers to technical questions and suggestions for troubleshooting, however, this is not the proper medium for in-depth troubleshooting issues.

    If you are looking to return the switch for credit, you will need to contact your sales representative or our customer care department. Credit returns, however, are typically only available within the first 30 days from the invoice date.

  • Can you tell us - as a tech support staff member - is this a known issue with power connects? or is it just the 3024  - is it a problem you hear about alot? does a replacement usually fix it? was there just a bad bunch or is this a ongoing problem?
  • Typically, lockup problems and/or loss of management with the 3024/3048/5012 family are related to traffic. There are many variables that can cause this, so detailed information is needed to troubleshoot this type of problem. These switches have no broadcast suppression or control, so something as simple as a NIC going bad and flooding the network with traffic could crash the switch.

    The best way to troubleshoot lockups and loss of management is the following:

    Connect to the console and monitor output from the console port at all times. If the switch is reporting any errors, the console port is the only place to see them.

    Mirror an uplink port on the switch an use a packet sniffer to analyze the traffic. Capture traffic during normal operation for a baseline, and compare it to the traffic captured during the lockup.

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  • Still seems a bit strange, never seen it happen to any lowish end 3com or extreme switches ive owned. I had 2 switches working fine then they both went within 3 days very unlikely it could be a traffic related issue as one is behind a pix firewall and the other open to everything, anything nasty its likely the pix would have filtered it out. They are also on compleletly different IP ranges.
  • I will hook up a console port next time I'm at the Datacenter


    However - there is no loss of packet switching and routing, the only problem is the loss of management and ping of the switch. So I doubt rogue traffic would cause that.


    There is also only about 2mbps of traffic total on the switch - nothing it shouldnt handle.

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  • Surprise. It stopped responding to web/telnet/snmp again... yet it is still routing packes. Calling your "tech support" line now... why oh why didn't I choose a cisco.