How to login to your wireless router

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How to login to your wireless router

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Here are instructions to login to your wireless router.


Hit the Windows Key and the R key at the same time. This will bring up the Run prompt.


Type CMD and then hit Enter.




ipconfig /all          (space between the g and /)


and hit Enter. Look for the Default Gateway, should look something like but can be different depending on the wireless router and manufacturer.


Open Internet Explorer or your browser and enter the Default Gateway number into the Address Bar in your browser and hit enter.


You should see a login screen. You must enter the Username and Password to login. On most wireless routers they are...


Username = admin


Password = blank or password


but these can vary on the manufacturer. Please consult your wireless routers installation instructions for the correct information.


I highly recommend that you use these Recommended Wireless Router Settings in your wireless router to make connecting work at its greatest.


If you still have problems, the please post in the Dell Networking, Internet, Wireless Forum



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