Theoretically doubling the bandwidth since you are simultaneously using both radios of a dual-band wireless router.

Accomplishing the above for Linksys WRT600N dual-band Wireless-N router flashed w/DD-WRT open source firmware using a Studio notebook equipped with 2 Broadcom wireless-N WLAN Mini-PCIe's...Dell Wireless 1500 connected to 802.11b/g radio & Dell Wireless 1510 connected to 802.11a radio...

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite v11.6.10 for the teaming downloaded from:


Also, requires latest Broadcom wireless driver at:

Takes a bit to set up but WLAN teaming proves its worth significantly...
Under Vista x64 SP1, the BASP virtual adapter never fails to connect and since the 2 WLAN cards are teamed you're only pulling one IP address from the router..
When streaming HD wirelessly and if I manually disable one of either of the two radios (simulating out of range for single radio), the HD stream won't even hiccup.