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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 8000 + Dell TrueMobile Card Problem

    ...running Dell Inspiron 8000 notebook, Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3... I have been running this system with a Dell TrueMobile internal wireless card for over one year, no problems. Recently had to re-install the OS, and ever since then, the TrueMobile card is not listed in Device manager...
  • Forum Thread: Can more than one Ethernet TX/RX (e.g. NIC) be wired to one switch port?

    Hi all I aim to wire up my new-build house with an Ethernet network. The traffic will be marshalled using un-managed switches - to keep it simple. Most traffic will be standard domestic stuff really - multimedia-server-to-client streams (Myth-TV), http and file transfers. I want to place multiple...