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Networking, Internet, Wireless

Networking, Internet, Wireless
From Wi-Fi to wired Ethernet, mobile broadband to modems: it's all spoken here.
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  • Forum Thread: Inspiron not connecting to internet

    Hello, I have an older Dell that is not connecting to the internet. It's always been challenging using a wireless router. Apparently, there is some Dell software for the WLAN card that competes with Windows XP. The only way I ever got it to work was have a friend do some "run" functions...
  • Forum Thread: [HELP] dell n5520 wifi problem

    I have recently buy Dell n5520 Core i3 ( 3rd gen) and have download all the drivers dell have recommended and installed but my wifi is not working its just connect to my wifi router then disconnects after 2 or 3 seconds .. While troubleshooting it connects to my wifi router but then again disconnects...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Wireless Setup Assistant Installer

    comment entre wifi dans mon ordinateur dell.