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Networking, Internet, Wireless

Networking, Internet, Wireless
From Wi-Fi to wired Ethernet, mobile broadband to modems: it's all spoken here.
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  • Forum Thread: DW1520 Wireless-N Adapter Connecting Erratically

    Hi all: My wireless network adaptor (DW 1520) seems to be working erratically, or not at all. Problem description: When I attempt to connect to a wireless network after a few seconds of "Getting information from [network]" Windows 7 says “Windows was unable to connect to [network name...
  • Forum Thread: No sign of Bluetooth or Wifi following hard drive replacement and new OS loaded

    Hi Everyone, Following a new HDD & install of the OS my Dell 1525 is not showing wifi or bluetooth and is not letting me connect via wireless. I have tried installing drivers but nothing. I can only connect via ethernet. I also tried removing the card and replacing it to ensure it was in correctly...
  • Forum Thread: Killer N 1202 will not connect to Cisco WAP

    Hi, New Dell XPS, all drivers up to date, will not connect to corporate WIFI, a Cisco wap. It will however, connect with other WAP's I have tested it on. There appears to be an issue with the Killer wifi and the cisco wap. Can you advise please
  • Forum Thread: My Wifi Card Not Starting Atheros AR5007EG

    Hi, I am new to this forums. I am having long withstanding problem that I couldn't resolved till date. I am using My DELL VOSTRO A860 for more than 3 years. My Wifi is not starting for any reason, I've installed the driver from your CD, manually downloaded from atheros site and I did all...
  • Forum Thread: No connections are available while THERE IS actually available connections..!

    my laptop was working normally and my connection to any wireless network was just fine till the wireless adapter started turning itself off so I just turned it on again.. An hour ago, it just could not connect to any wireless network and whenever I try to connect to the internet wireless-ly, I can't...
  • Forum Reply: Re: A very bad wifi issue with my dell xps 14z

    Still same issue after following the steps mentioned by you. How to search if the adapter has Antenna Diversity option or not ?
  • Forum Thread: My internet disconnects randomly and requires a HARD FORCED shutdown.

    Studio 1747 Intel Core i7 cpu -Q720 @1.60GHZ 1.60GHZ 8.00GB RAM 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 My Network Card is Intel Centrino Advanced N-6200 AGN The Problem: Every now and then, more often now, my internet randomly dies - not a specific network, but the entire wireless...
  • Forum Thread: A very bad wifi issue with my dell xps 14z

    I brought one dell xps 14z laptop few days before. Getting very poor signal and internet speed is very low also sometimes it is getting disconnected. I checked all the articles in dell forum rearding this issue and tried every possible option but same issue persist. Please someone help me, i have...
  • Forum Thread: [HELP] dell n5520 wifi problem

    I have recently buy Dell n5520 Core i3 ( 3rd gen) and have download all the drivers dell have recommended and installed but my wifi is not working its just connect to my wifi router then disconnects after 2 or 3 seconds .. While troubleshooting it connects to my wifi router but then again disconnects...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Wireless Setup Assistant Installer

    comment entre wifi dans mon ordinateur dell.