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SM Bus Controller?

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SM Bus Controller?

  • So I recently got a Verizon DSL modem... and I've got my computer set up with a 2.4 Wireless USB Network Adapter. When I play online games I get a 'Connection Interutped' everything other 30 seconds or so.

    Now when I installed the Verizon stuff, the over the phone person told me to uninstall the SM Bus Controller. Now everytime I start up my computer I get a 'Found New Hardware' wizard telling me I should install the SM Bus Controller... should I?

  • Phoenix_646,

    The "SM Bus Controller" is part of the system chipset.  The software for this is very important to the proper operation of the system.  It should most certainly be reinstalled.


  • I recently re-formatted my computer and i have managed to re-install all the hardware but the SM Bus Controller. I have tried all my disks but cant manage to get it re-installed. Any help on how to re-install it would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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  • I used the Dell driver resource disk and when you get to the list of resources find the Intel resource and click on it.  It should lead you to a page where you see a button to extract the fikes; do that and then follow the instructions to install. That work for me when I went back and checked the hardware manager the yellow warning was gone. Hope it works.
  • I did see an Intel resource that I tried but it was for my NIC card.  I still have the SM Bus Controller problem like the previous poster.  What other Intel resource or what other place on the drivers CD would have the solution.  Maybe im jjst blind and cant find it on my drivers CD.  Can you be more specific as to where you saw it?  Maybe my resource CD is different.


    Thanks in advance.



  • I ran the blue dell drivers and utilities disk and selected the computer I have.  Then under the System Drivers I clicked "Intel System Chipset Drivers" and followed thru with extracting the files and installing.  Hope this helps.
  • I used the same disc i think.  Under system drivers i have for my DImension 4550 the only choice i get is Intel "Software Chipset Installation Utility."  I have installed it and i still get the same !!!!!! next to SM Bus controller....of course only 1 exclamation point.  Im wondering if i should even bother cuz it seems like my PC is running fine except i cant burn music cd's.  That may be something else however.

  the !!! is gone.  Thanks.  Not sure what did it but im not complaining.





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  • If I remember right the !! didn't go away until I rebooted.  Hope it all is ok.
  • I too had this problem. In a nutshell, intel has a chipset identification utility that can be found on their website.

    I found most of the suggestions for getting the chipset information to be 'not very helpful'. This should help out those good folks who struggle with this 'sm bus controller' issue. I ran this and it displayed a link in a dialog. I click on that an it takes me to the driver download page. I chose the 'not for professionals'  link even though I am not exactly a novice when it comes to computers </ wink>.

    I then ran the driver installation and was good to go.

    The reason I am in this predicament in the first place is a virus attack caused me to have to do a full re-install of XP. A few days later and I am getting a nasty BSOD. There  is that suspicious looking unknown device (sm bus controller). Anway.. hope it helps.

  • If that is so, then why does Dell list it as Optional? I don't disagree, but I do not think with this laptop the chipset drivers are an issue, especially under XP as it will use the ones built into XP, except of course for this particular driver.

  • slylabs13,


    When an operating system is installed, the desktop/notebook system utility and the chipset drivers need installed first or the rest of the drivers will fail to install. How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order







    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • Typically that is what I do and it's safest, but this time I did the chipset last, and dangit all I got all the drivers to install! Now if this were a Sony laptop...

  • I have a LatitudeD830. I had a problem with SM bus Controller driver.I searched all internet for the driver?

    I downloaded this from Intel 

    INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel® 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets

    it worked....

  • SM Bus controller is missing for me so any one pls help how to install SM Bus controller

  • what is your computer's chipset?