How do I stop my PC from picking up the neighbor's wireless network, which then kicks me off of my wireless network?

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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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How do I stop my PC from picking up the neighbor's wireless network, which then kicks me off of my wireless network?

  • I have a wireless network set up with a network key. At least four or five times a day, I'll get a message from my System Tray saying "Wireless Network Unavailable." A second later I get another message saying, "One or more wireless networks are available."

    When I open the Wireless Network Connection Properties window I see a network named "default" in the Available Networks window alongside mine. I then have to click on Refresh for my network (occasionally several times) in order to get my connection reestablished.

    How do I tell my system to ignore this "default" network of my neighbor's and not disrupt my solid signal every time it picks up a whiff of my neighbor's network? Thanks.
  • I believe you can order the selection sequence of the available networks and place yours as the first choice.

    Why are you dropping the connection four or five times a day?  Have you tried using different channels to stop dropping your connection? Do you have a wireless phone close to the router or your computer when your problem occurs?

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    To your first question, my network is always placed in the top position. The network named "default" that I'm picking up isn't even in my Preferred Networks (within the Wireless Network Connection Properties window.) However, it does appear in the Available Networks when my dropping issue occurs.

    As for the actual dropping of my network, I've had the network up for several months now, and didn't have any issues until this new network popped up. Everything happens all at once, so I think the random appearance of the other network is what's causing me to drop mine. It's not as if I drop my network, then some time later it picks up the other one. It seems as if my computer's interfacing with my w/l router fine, then picks up a weak signal from this other one, gets confused, drops my connection and then asks me "hey, you've got two w/l networks available to you... which one do you want to use?"

    Hope this helps clarify and thanks again for your help!
  • Try being on a different channel, putting your SSID into the wireless card driver's Advanced tab ebtries if offered, and lastly don't let Windows handle the wireless duties but use the wireless utility that came with the card.
  • We are seeing exactly this problem. Did you ever find a solution to it? We have tried everything listed below independently (and a few other things not listed, like locking in the data rate at which the card is supposed to connect at, and other things). Nothing seems to work.
  • You know, I see this response to every singe forum regarding someone picking up their neighbor's wireless.  To be honest.  The WI-FI consortium has not developed a way for the individual computer to ONLY connect to a pre set access point.  I have had this problem continuously since my neighbor got a wireless router.  Configuring the windows Wireless options does not make a difference. The individual computer will continue to pick up additional access points no matter what you do.  I wish someone would give a good response to address this issue, instead people continue to give the advivce to reconfigure your wireless settings.  Truth is, there is nothing that can be done, short of going across the way to your neighbor and let him or her know that he or she is interrupting your netowork.  Most people have no idea their wireless is broadcasting their SSID.